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hahha maybe will sell away but not now at the moment. the zoom is gd but photo quality wasnt tht gd in low light so indoor must use flash.

i also worry, if i spend alot on a gd camera but hardly use, later become white elephant
time for u to change?

hi. please help as i need to buy my father a dslr camera. he is old school type so don't want the digitial camera. which brands and models you recommend and why? also where to go buy them and how much do they cost?

can recommend me both online and physical shop?

my father likes dslr. he had one many years back but it gave way so he threw it away just like that. he likes going to park last time and take pictures.

besides dslr camera what else need to buy? is there a dslr camera that comes as a set package fore beginner?

hope you call can help give me some options.
Nikon D3400 is what people recommended for entry level for beginner.

Another source is are able to find cheap, decent camera...a lot of people buy liao, use few times then sell on that platform.
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