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All my Apple products I never buy Apple care, until today all my iPhones/iPads/Apple Watch which exceeds 2 years still in good working condition.
I guess it depends on the user and how they protect their items (shock proof case etc).

My wife had applecare on her iphone 6 but accidentally cracked her screen 3 times. We replaced via applecare and the final time, just decided to throw/sell the phone away and get an iphone 7 instead. She now has a spigen shock proof case for the iphone 7.

I've had an iphone 5, 5s, 6 and 7. Didn't get any issues on the first 3 and so didn't bother with applecare, but my 7 dropped to the ground from my car accidentally by a family member. Gave a crack on the the top right of the screen, with glass bits dropping out. This was with a leather case on the phone. The screen still works though it can be unsightly. If I had applecare, I could have replaced the damage for $42. But instead, I've just lived with the crack for the past year.

I guess for a person that might like to keep their iphones naked (no case), it might be more prudent to have applecare. Especially in Singapore where floors tend to be tiles/cement instead of wood or carpets.
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