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Hi All, after going through all your advices from page 1 to 235, I've finally came to senses and not fear their empty threats and nonsensical demands.

For my case, I have approximately 5k worth of loans and some of them even offered to provide them my account to launder money around (No, I did not provide them my account).

After making a police report, install cctv, changing numbers and closing bank account, I've finally regained peace in the household. That includes coming clean with your NOK and workplace to forewarn them of these threats. Yes, not many might be forgiving and understanding to your situation. But it beats having them to suck you dry completely. At most, lose your jobs, find another job.

The total owed sum may be small, but they would still instil fear whenever needed to triple/quadruple their money from you if they know you will pay to cease harassment from them.

Please, do not give them your accounts nor fall into their prey, nor pay them. You paying them will not quench their thirst to starve you and your family out.
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