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Been repeating and telling him. He is worrying over the wrong stuff. Get the CCTV. That’s what a few of us keep telling him.

I know maybe now it’s due to the threats and being paranoid which might lead him not to think straight. But Niza, do you want to wait for them to come up and splash and without any evidence and they will continue come? You think about it. Stop torturing yourself. Go to Qoo10. CCTV cost less than $50. Which includes extra 2-meter cable and SD card.

They have already ruined your work, do you want to be ruined in your life as well. No, then please heed the advices and install cctv, change all your contacts and move on. Even if they were to step up, send people to your house, they can only afford to do it once or twice at most. Like one of the person said here previously, there's a cost and they will NOT want extra cost to be incurred.
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