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I will still cherry pick in the early morning despite timeout feature cos dun want early in the morning kena tuas/jurong industrial area lol.

Just read the latest grab driver conduct.


(i) We are doing our best to bring you more jobs. Hence, we need your support for our PROMO CODE jobs. Please honor all PROMO CODE jobs upon receiving the confirmation sms. In the event you are not sure, please check with our customer service team for clarifications.

This one is interesting...

(ee) Minimum credit wallet top up amount via all channels (bank transfer, M1 billing, transfer from cash wallet, etc) is $10. Any actions of manipulating the assignment system will be deemed abuse of the system and may result in your access being terminated.

Means cannot top up from cash wallet less then $10?
Don’t mind me saying. Can I correct you something since you may use them wrongly in resumes? Use “than” not “then” when talking about figures: more than $10, less than $10.
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