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Point well taken. We need to consider a lot of factors here. But just need to execute it in a better and proper manner. Will ask for some advices from my friends in spf as well.

For your next course of action on this matter do ensure to be legal and give some careful consideration thoughts on this ideal of yours before starting anything in the wrong step.

What are the main focus, objective, relevant and protection against unknown attack from those you have target.
Consider the fact should the target could be an innocent victim or bystander or passer-by.
As there are cases where innocent victims are target wrongly and what will happen where there are no way to re-address the situation.

Facebook can be a double edge sword as you can put their photos they can put yours as well.. in the end you will be exposed to all.

Already one AL had tried to disturb some of you here but with limited as nothing much this AL can do here.

Moving in the right direction is good but need to be careful and not to rush in doing so.
Already you did rush in getting loan without the thoughts on who are they and what would be the result in the long term.

In this forum there are ways to share within here with some privacy and anonymous and within the means of law.

If possible as each of you who have contact with each IO do seek the IO(s) views and opinion especially how would they view should by creating Facebook or whatever social media would be better or worse.

This is to avoid interfering into their IO operations on security, secrecy & investigation in rounding up those mischief.

Not sure if you do highlight to your IO(s) on this said thread but at least should keep your IO up-to-date on any activities of yours.

Just my views and opinion.
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