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Go to the police. Report the bank account numbers. You don’t need to fear them or pay them. By paying them, those idiots will spread words around that you both are money tree. Once shaken and will pay up. You did nothing wrong. They are forcing you to take the loan. Close the bank account. Change hp number and install cctv.

Im new in here. PReviously in Jun, we cleared off all full loans of hubby from UML, thats about 25k. We did wrong by forgetting to change mobile number and Bank account. Recently in Aug, they started messaging n calling him to support which he mentioned no need. Things started turning nasty and they just transferred the funds of 3k over without consent. Hubby wana transfer back immed but they told him to transfer back 6k. They took pics of our home surrounding n threaten to harm my kids, hb fear for worst and paid them. Subsequently, many others that we paid in Jun called and did not receive the funds, all start hounding him for more money. In total, recently he paid 15k in fear and we r really dried up. We have paid more den we r suppose to pay, i have print screens of whatever we paid in Jun too. Please teach me what Im suppose to do, im at my wit ends and this is seriously tormenting me. Any kind hearted souls willing to pm me their contacts too for a listening ear. Im at e verge of breaking down.
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