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Tried to pm u back bt must wait till i got 10post.

I lodged police reports many times already but seems useless. Now we r seriously slapping ourselves real hard y did we even forget to change number n acct number. Actually he strike lottery aft repaying the ones in June and we were so happy that we finally have better life liao. Actually was thinking is there spy in Singapore Pools too that leak out info coz almost immed they came n disturb. What i fear most is my kids n the elderly safety.
Nope la sis..they will always try their luck on easy piece of meat like u..few phone calls u scare liao.they can sense Ur fear. U ask them those Al lend money to drug addict they also won't lend coz they know these people got nothing to lose.people like me n u scare lose job scare they harm yr family scare lose face that why they can milk u if I wan borrow from Al they also black list me.haha
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