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Yes I experience before...’few years ago.. I was threaten and became a atm runner.. to clear my debt.. less than 2 weeks my account became freezed and called back the bank.. the bank ppl said someone will call me back... indeed IO from Bedok station called to report to him regarding UML case.. told the AL what happen and they straight blocked me.. reported and after found out I did help AL to trans money.. but I said I never ever will do damaging or threaten victim.. end of day I was locked up and till midnight bail out waiting for charges.. need to report for almost 2 months then was given a warning letter that within 2 years better dun commit any small crimes.. if not will bring up the case and double charged me...

But that was for becoming a ATM runner...
I did not do anything even close to that.

There is a huge difference i guess?
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