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It seems like the Andy from previous posts found another victim that's me. At first offer monthly loan of example, 5k interest rate only 5% payable by 12 monthly installment. Demanded every contacts, NOK, boss no, bank no etc. After I given everything, suddenly offer changed to examples, 500 but payback 1.5k in 5 days. Of course I rejected him. A few days later, he suddenly deposited the money without my knowledge, said I already taken this loan. What should I do, he has all of my details.
Like i mentioned in the earlier posts:

1. Never give out your details to anyone especially your NRIC, Singpass etc even if its just "enquiring" - especially online web or sms/whatsapp loan scheme.
They will entice u by saying installment plans for 1k loan or above to throw the "bait".
They will act professional as if they are licensced lenders but based on latest Moneylending act - Licensed Money lending cannot solicited or transact any business via phone, sms or any communication method. Must go through paper contract only.

2. If you are already "engaged" or made the wrong move to engage them, nvr surrender your bank account to them. Because once they have your bank account - it will look to SPF as if you are abetting them in opening bank account for money laundering and transfers. Based on experience - these AL never use their own bank accounts for repayments...its always some other borrowers bank account.
How they work is like this --> You request for loan - they "hunt" other pitiful borrowers for defer payment - then they ask them to transfer the so called repayment to your account(without u knowing) and when its your turn to repay - they try to find new borrowers (common phrase used by AL - wait i find account for u) for you to transfer your repayment to their account.
That's y its hard to trace their tracks as they have little footprint for police to nab them.

3. In order for them to be "successfull" in this trade, they use fear to intidimate you and force to keep up with the payment. The defer payments normally are monies which some pitiful borrowers who go and make new accounts for the money to be cash out and handed to them personally.(money mules)

4. UML and LML are using the same database. So if you are borrowing from LML, chances are u will receive calls from UML to so-call help u in your LML loans by getting unlicensed loans from them to pay off your LML. They work together so their business can thrive. Simple logic - Demand=business and to create demand - they need to create "opportunity".

Therefore the only way to stop these suckers is only thru these :

1. Never engage into UML
2. If unknowingly got entangled : stop paying them
3. Report police - inform them on all the numbers and accounts you were given.
4. Installl CCTV and turn on motion detectors.
5. close your bank account and change your mobile number
6. Inform your workplace, NOK or any other information that was previously given to the UML
7. Inform your neighbours to be on the alert - at this point no need for face. Thicken your skin so that we can stop these scums.
8. DO not fall into the trap to engage another LML or UML to pay off the old unlicensed loans...the cycle will not stop and the "hole" will just get bigger.
9. Take 1 step back and learn to relax. Majority of these UML operate overseas and they only engage runners to do their dirty work. With the CCTV - they can try to do th dirty work but at least you have captured the faces and got evidence. WIth that you can help our SPF guys to nab them.
10. Last but not least - STOP FUNDING CRIMINALS. By stopping any payment - you are cutting their lifeline and income source to engage runners or continue harrassing other people. If anyone keeps paying them - you are "actually" funding their dirty work.

No need to be stress of these muthafxxxxxs. All just talk but no balls.PErsonally if they dare come - i will keep them one time jialat jialat one. then i report to
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