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Thanks.... What's ur case...?
Same as most guys in here - enquire loan for 1k -then asked to take trial loan. When i said no, they transferred 400 to my acc. paid 1.2k in "defer" payments but still say loan not closed. so i "ball" up and go police make report.
Coincidentally, i read up about this thread and followed the advices in here.
Last 2 mths they called - i answered - they asked want to run from your loan right?
I just said them - u want money u come see me face to face.until now never come.
i kept my number because i am continuing to update the police on any information i can get. (but i have since get a new number so they can continue to bombard me on the old number - lolz)
They even "offered" me for closure and with bank account - same thing i made a short call to the IO and give them the number.
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