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Now squeeze till nt a single cent left. He left $5. My elder boy is very sensitive, he sense something now he's showing signs of his stress disorder. At times, I really feel like holding on to my elder boy n jump.
Just change your number sis. Hang on and hang tight. Everyone at some point of time also think of suicide but that is not the remedy of your problem.

Since you have already take precautions, even installed cctv, go change your number to have a peace of mind altogether. Threats given are always just empty threats. You have already feed them MORE than they fed you, they will just give up eventually and move on. Not worth entertaining to their spam calls and text.

Believe us as some folks here even run for a bigger amount with them, at max they can do is inflict property damages and not physical. They would not DARE to do anything physical as our SPF efficiency would nab those baskets within a short period of time.
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