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I already at my wit ends. I have helped him so many times. That 85k me n my mum dig like hell. We r all dried up. I feel I got my parents n kids into ****. I feel like kicking him out now but I know too its not gonna help since my details are already furnished. When can he really be a real man n help to support the family. I keep holding to e faith of what he told me 'With this winning money, I wont want to go back to the life last time' but why is God so giving us hopes n dashing it almost immediately.
For me, when I get harass and repeatedly spammed I can't think straight. So you really have to calm down first before making any decision. Plan properly, prepare for their harassment....have the upper hand so they won't be able to make u all fall anymore.... Hope you and your family can go through this once again.... And next time will be even stronger...
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