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lol. I went to search on carousel after i saw your post. they are really posting on carousell. I reported 1 post posted an hour ago. stupid LA.

FYI, im a NOK whose a victim. knn, hate the useless person who borrowed from AL. AL went to search for my FB, threatened me with my pics & my children pics. Scare the hell out of me. It happened for a year already, but Im still pissed with that person who borrowed from AL.

Btw, i'm NOK but how come they have my IC number? unless the person who borrowed from AL took a photo of my IC and sent to them serectly. Is that possible?

That person borrowed from LML & UML. Unless, LML sold the datas to UML. Is that possible?
It's impossible for them to have your IC number... Unless the person who borrow provided them with it, and like you say loan with your IC.... And yes LML and UML are linked....I'm not sure if they sold their data, but some people say they have the same database.... Yeah....they post on carousell quite consistently....can't stop one, they have too many numbers to create a new account....have the harassment stop at ur side?

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