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I did not sign any contracts at all. I'm still puzzled at how they got hold of my IC number. Unless, that f*cker who borrowed money gang up with UML to get money from us because we refuse to give any money to him when he asked.

The harrassment has stopped for awhile already, but I'm praying everyday that the harrasment wont return. The borrower changed his phone number, job etc. My house has CCTV, so I'm not worried as of now. But the AL printed my family photo with words gave all my neighbours. Idiot runner.
Not putting an assumption forward but likely is cause the person smelly name so he put you as guarantor to increase chances of getting a loan from UML. Lodging a report is helpful as in the future of such cases happening, you already have proof.

And for the harassment, by right if you see most of our HDB, the POL camera faces quite a huge coverage of areas including mailbox. Did you show the police the mails receieved?
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