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Bro... own money won't die...
I have LS, LML n business creditor..
I still kicking... lol

Go help grp to get them negotiate for u.
I have 6x LML.
2x help grp helped me but I can't carry on.
LML A - RML keep send their demand letter via message (paper n stamp maybe too ex). I have I pay. Don't have, "tai ji" a bit..

LML B - swift credit keep send me crude remarks Like ****y n ah gua...
I read n I ignore n lodge complaint to ROM.

Rest of the 4x LML, Crawfort I tai ji them.
Power credit n HHL no noise yet.

LML actually no quite worry.
Depend on yr loan amount, they see if worth to send collector.
Per trip, they need to pay them.

Till now I don't have LML collector knock door yet.
Ditto for AL.

Maybe they come, I am out.
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