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Guys advice on what to do please .. 2days ago i had some problem to repay my loan for my lml . So I ask what they can they can do for me , thus they said there is nothing they can do and I at least need to pay 200 first .. now 2days later they are asking me to pay the remaining 150 for my monthly loan as they said that is the minimum they can give and I misunderstood what they meant the other day .. should i ask social service for help on this ? As they said if I cant pay by today they will send bad debt collector to me . I don't mind receiving letter but just wanna see if there is any way for this ..
If you dont mind receiving letter than nothing to scare what. They cannot do anything to you one. If you are confident to pay them some day later. Just inform the collector that you can only pay when. But try not to talk to them. If they looking for your other half. Just tell them not in. Take the letter and close the door
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