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Standard $60 per month.

Feels like your LML quite persistent and hard to deal with kind. From the impression you mentioned earlier, if this kind really hard to deal with, suggest you seek SS help to speak to them.

But it will be good if you also inform them prior to that I guess. Honestly, at most they flag the account and post legal love letter at your house.
Yeah .. told them I can't make payment as I'm having some financial issues . Asked them if they can help me with another plan or repayment scheme .. they told me at least must make 200 and asked me how much do I have on hand now . Told them less then hundred .. then they told me at least must 200 so I tried to find ways for it and I thought I was lucky i manage to source it out .

Having the thought that I don't have to worry about due payments till end of month then they suddenly spam call and text me asking me to make the balance . Called them back and told them I already make the payment and was told I misunderstood them . What they meant is for me to pay the 200 on that day and find the rest after that ..

Still waiting for them to call now ..
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