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The only convenient app to use in China is their cab hailing app Didi Chuxing. It links to your credit card and use it as how Grab/Uber does. Simple.

But for Wechat and Alipay is still a hurdle. If regular visitor, trader, business, working in China, of course will keep a China number, open a China bank account, have a China address. Why would a 5-day trip tourist do the above mentioned?? These one-off tourist is better off paying in cash.
Your second para is what most Singaporeans who don't work in China but only go there for a one week holiday for eg want to know.

You see something selling for 10 yuan. You don't have Wechat/Alipay or whatever, you can't scan the QR code, but you have a wad of RMB 100 notes which you just changed in Singapore. And the shop does not have RMB 90 for, what do you do? Pay RMB 100 cash and forget about the change? Or forgo all your shopping?

There are so many pages at this thread which make it really way too time consuming to find those posts to find the answers, if anyone had already posted about what they should do.
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