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What's the best way to prolong your battery life and effectiveness?

1. Plug in to power socket to prevent battery falling below 80%
2. Don't overcharge? Charge at 60%
3. Or???

> How to improve laptop battery life

1. Refer to point 4 on the link above regarding to this and do take note on the 2nd para on the way & method of usage.

If possible when on battery usage and reached +30% do consider to connect the power adapter to charge.
Do take note that sometimes when you connect the power adapter it may not start charging yet so monitor it.

It is best not to let the battery to discharge & fall below 10% of the indicator.
And should the battery is fully discharged or reached to the lowest level it will auto shutdown.
The next thing to do is to connect the power adapter and NOT to power on the computer yet.
Let the power adapter to charge the battery for a period before power on the laptop.
And to let it charge the battery to 100% before you decide to remove it or not.
Not necessary to remove the battery while you are still using the laptop.

Always make use of the battery at least once a week/month and charge 100% as fully charged.
Never use the power adapter together with the battery connected for too long a period, example for more than a month or so.
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