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Do not borrow more to cover anymore....else it will be an endless cycle....I know all Bros and sis will say don't pay them anymore....but if u borrow 500 u one shot clear 800....just block...come or not depends on ur al.....harass is confirmed....but they already earned.....
It won't end here. My hb is a good example too. Goondu enough to keep feeding them, now total penniless le. Best to get the support and understanding from NOK and companies. U will feel much better. Mine is recent constant harassment, Heed advice here, install CCtv, be upfront to those that u foolishly got involved, seek their understanding, u definitely feel much better to brave it through. Like I told my goondu, they wan they come, yes I'm fearful even till now bt there's nth much we can do to stop e fact. We got no money to feed e family let alone them.
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