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Those old school Al have fixed AC ..scammer loan will usually ask u trsf to other borrower on behalf
Sorry if this is a stupid question but I was just wondering Ė for the msian scammers, if you were to continuously make payments to their debtor accounts, surely among these accounts there would be one or two that actually belong to them? Otherwise how would they be able to get the money into their hands?

Aside from that, just want to thank everyone for their contributions to this thread. I feel that I should also provide my case for reference.

Having paid back at least 5x of the principal, this puts us quite high up their list of carrots and the scammers should now have quite a fair bit of profit to use for their jobs.

For now, we will be sticking to this gameplan:
1) Ghost them on all forms of communications
2) Installed CCTV to capture some evidence and also to convince SPF to pay more attention to our block
3) Ride out their harassments until they realize thereís no ROI

Would this be good or did I miss out anything else that should be done? Bank a/c has been closed. As for changing of phone numbers, Iím going to try forwarding all calls to a dead number first before we deem a change is necessary.
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