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I took from one AL before 6 accounts and I paid but suddenly the new loans he made me defer and got another AL who transferred me 250 and asked me to pay 800 if not I will kena. I basically still owed this AL but I immediately changed number , made a police report and inform my neighbours and NOK. I'm pretty sure they been trying to get me on my old number but it's been 10 days and I don't hear anything at home and as matter of fact my 12 floor doors always open as usual and watch movie and talk to my neighbours as usual. In total I owed them 4000 . My flat below and lift had cameras CCTV etc . The police also advised me not to pay up and friends ex cop told me not to pay a single cent also since they kept asking more and more

Another friend took 1400 and he didn't pay up at all, changed number and it's been two months he only got a hell note inisde his post box . We all live in Bedok . Free 1400 for that ******* !

The issue is this, you want to have a peaceful mind and already took the loan and genuinely can't pay ? or in my friends case he purposely want free money - so don't pay up ! Because when you pay they think you're like a money tree the more they shake the more you'll give . The only way is not to pay them , make a report and change your phone number . They either won't bother or you'd get splashed , hell note and locked once or twice and after that happens everything will die down like my other neighbours . Now these are 300 dollars to 4k case I don't know about what will happen if you owe more than 10 k, especially if principle amount not maid maybe those will come and burnt your door or throw paint on cars . From what I heard cars that was thrown paints are mostly because the debtors owes more than 5 k or 10k and up .

Obviously don't take up their loan in the first place lor. But we all could have issues at times .

Be honest to your families friends neighbors and make a police report changed number and don't pay . That's all you can do and after awhile a month it will die down . I'm a victim and knew a few who has these experienced with AL now they are all happy and life as usual . The ones who paid ended up losing more than they should for a small amount .

Don't pay , changed number and don't take from them anymore in future . I repeat don't pay because they want more and will want more that's all .

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