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I go grab 1 too

Okay I plan first I go buy a prepaid card first cos I don't wsnt to disclose my identity.. Scared got Al lurking ard here then know my tactic.. My plan is v simple as long as they open up the link their ip address is logged that where we can get their location.. See is Singapore or Malaysia based

Then got another way which I can't share is to csi out the acc holder name I know is the debtor but then I need u all advise say we manage to csi out the account holder details if is debtor but then sure got one acc belong to ah long or they just circulate debtor acc for trf in and out? Any one of u when get loan they use cash deposit? Cos if cash deposit sure can report police ask them at tt specify timing capture the person who deposit the money into yr acc? Or this method sucks cos end day is sabo all the debtor? But I was thinking borrow from ah long is not illegal right if we flag out all acc means they have no account to circulate for their business?

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