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Ya to be honest they will still be ard cos demand and supply. But Then objective is to create as much havoc as possible to their mode of operation.

I intend to create a telegram chat for this operation but will vett joiner to see if is sincere debtor and not al spy. And only those who f care them and not intend to pay them anymore are welcome to pm me. It will take time for me to vett and do my homework.

We can discuss on how to get back to them in the group chat. I will provide all tech support foc but trust is very impt here. I have a day job I don't wsnt to act kaypo here and affect my life. Hope u all understand

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While i support the idea of a telegram group, i share your worry on spy or anyone who might be out to troll even thou they are not related to the al.

Good to share ideas but dont reveal much abt yourself except maybe the experience with them
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