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I just scam a loan shark of his money. I borrowed $700 2 weeks ago from him and have to return $1000 in one week times so last week I pay him $350 to defer and borrowed $700 more from him and he agreed. And when midnight on that day he transfer $300 for me and tell me take the money and rolling. I ****ed him up. I say he want play this then ok I understand already. And today I did not pay him a single cent. Total amount I earned from him is $1350. And now I prepare for his runner to come my house. When he transfer $300 more to my account I know I will never able to clear him one because even if I pay him then he will transfer again. So the best way is not pay him back anymore. Seriously I think if everyone who owe them money can stop paying them then I think they will closed now soon because for what I know they only got one big boss who control this moneylending. So I hope one day all borrower can be brave and stop paying them. And they will not have enough money to even hired a runner to come our house. If they do come splash paint then call Town council to send 2 worker to help us clean and pay them $50. They can even help us to clean our window.
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