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From what I understand from the other gurus over at Shiny Things thread, DBSV has more fees compared to SCB. Better to go with SCB.

See this post:

Let's see...

DBSV (for trading on LSE):
Commission - Minimum GBP 25 / USD 36 / EUR 33; or 0.35% of trading principal
Dividend Collection - 1% of Net Dividend (Minimum GBP 3, Maximum GBP 30)
Corporate Action Service Fee - GBP 15 per counter
Custody Fee (charged quarterly) - SGD 2 per counter per month, capped at SGD 150.00 per quarter. Waiver based on combination of Singapore & foreign market transactions: (a) 2 x transactions per month or (b) 6 x transactions per quarter

SCB (for trading on LSE):
Commission - 0.25% (0.20% with Priority Banking), minimum GBP 10, USD 10 or EUR 10 (no minimum for Priority)
Dividend Collection - 0
Corporate Action Service Fee - 0
Custody Fee (charged quarterly) - 0

If you still insist on using DBSV, sure go ahead. As a small, small shareholder of DBS, i thank you
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