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I just scam a loan shark of his money. I borrowed $700 2 weeks ago from him and have to return $1000 in one week times so last week I pay him $350 to defer and borrowed $700 more from him and he agreed. And when midnight on that day he transfer $300 for me and tell me take the money and rolling. I ****ed him up. I say he want play this then ok I understand already. And today I did not pay him a single cent. Total amount I earned from him is $1350. And now I prepare for his runner to come my house. When he transfer $300 more to my account I know I will never able to clear him one because even if I pay him then he will transfer again. So the best way is not pay him back anymore. Seriously I think if everyone who owe them money can stop paying them then I think they will closed now soon because for what I know they only got one big boss who control this moneylending. So I hope one day all borrower can be brave and stop paying them. And they will not have enough money to even hired a runner to come our house. If they do come splash paint then call Town council to send 2 worker to help us clean and pay them $50. They can even help us to clean our window.

Spot on ! Actually we all should do that and advice others to do the same . No point really my bedok flat now several enjoying free money knn if I know also I take 5 sia . Criminals and their boss earned hell alot of money anyways and the ones calling also earned their money No such thing as they received monthly they are part of the criminal group and the runners that come to your places are all debtors and people earning small money but if caught will get the worse caning and such . Today my 4 room flat got Reno kitchen so will not be home for two days neighbour will keep an eye .
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