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For my opinion, if u bought a used car without a solar film. Then i think u can get the one that u like. My old previous jazz did not have any solar film installed and only now my current ride comes with rikecool installed as it was given free by kah motor.
As already experienced both my rides with and without solar film. Definitely I won't want to spend that much on solar film. As Long it is free by AD. I will take it.

In our typical singapore weather. As Long u parked under the hot sun. I don't think any solar film is able to cool your car. I do believe it helps a little but not significantly much. To add on. My Iroad dash cam camera also still functional after 1 year plus under the hot sun. Maybe solar film also help to prolong the life span of it.
We’d discussed solar films many times over the years.

Solar film comes in 2 types, metallic and ceramic ... metallic reflects while ceramic absorbs, think this is something that is understood. Of course, there’s only so much heat a metallic film can reflect and only so much heat a ceramic film can absorb, so if 2 cars 1 with metallic film and 1 with ceramic film, park under the sun from morning through mid-afternoon, both will still get equally hot.

The difference is in the short-term, e.g. you drive out of a sheltered carpark and sun is coming in ... or you park the car under the sun for a half hour or an hour or so ... that’s when you’ll see - or rather, feel - the difference between metallic film and ceramic film, and between higher grade ceramic film and lower grade ones.
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