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Yes and the real bosses doesn't give a dam about us they just want their percentage and earnings in their investments . The more info you know the more you'll realise they used debtors to strike fear in you. I happened to love their voice recordings and the same guy changed voice so sweet sometimes lol and sent to work group WhatsApp hillarrious !

The one I respect was the one in 80s and up to early 90s in Singapore . They will give you and smile at you to pay up when it's due . You Swee ? They Swee . These modern WhatsApp syndicate operating overseas and using foreign workers indebted to them have no respect from me . Played people out even when some 70 year old paid principal and paid interest and defer they still tekan him , these people have no heart and consious after work they go bar maybe happy happy while you worry . So **** them don't pay make a report and for God sake live your life and don't repeat . But to some it happened you just move on face it and man up . What else to do ? Fear and fear ? Oh pls .
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