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Haiyo...don't argue already....people come this thread is to seek for advice...there's no right or wrong...everybody just have different mindset in doing doubt there will be people who are unable to pay, live in fear etc, and no doubt will there be people who got pissed off becos those LS didn't stick to their "terms and agreement".....I believe he not asking anyone to go borrow money from LS and not just that some people also dulan....want go make back LS....but these are their business....for me I just choose to live peacefully and not borrow anymore.... Don't need talk about age....even how old how young also will make mistakes.....just don't repeat the same mistake again....
Exactly I was highlighting what's happening in some Singapore neighbourhood who can't take it and some decide to prank the LS. It's their own choice but my main message is consistent don't pay make report don't repeat live your life and if they spray clean up or call HDB apologies to neighbours man up and you're not the only one . If you stop now you'll have a terrific CHINESE new year soon or Christmas . So stop now and let's all not pay and encouraged everyone not to pay simple . The police made it clear we made a mistake already and they are criminals so stop funding them and there's no way you can repay them these are FACTS. If they can hurt people emotionally and psychologicaly they deserved to have some clowns to take and leave and fart at them . Hopefully the distressed will wake up . As long as you don't repeat pls have faith in being a Singaporean and our Law Enforcement . Don't add headaches to SPF also but it's not a perfect world some of us are clowns who dulan already
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