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Can't deny initially will feel fear....but at this point now I'm also quite annoyed by their actions....believe in karma ba.... Yeah I believe those old school ALs got more standards than the current one which are trying their best to is don't fall into our path, if u haven't...
This is Singapore . Debtors who fear are the ones who didn't tell they husband or wife or kids or families about what is happening to them they feel fear if neighbours or company and workers find out so they paiseh malu so these are the reasons who made people pay and pay but the moment you realise you can't settle with LS OR Al and you informed your families your boss etc that's when you'll break free . Trust me our fears are about our face , let's admit that . And once you wake up and realise your hard earned money better for your family or charity or helping others or travels the better your life would be . And to debtors in fear , go and tell your spouce or families ... In your mind they might not be able to handle it but do it and you'll realise the next few days the colours are more vivid and you'll feel excited on your pay day and you'll learn something and don't repeat . Get your life back pls. Tell your families or company or neighbour...make a police report , install CCTV IF you think it's important and stop taking from illegal or legal also . Save up and lead a simpler meaningful life and choose happiness . Will there be a paint next few days maybe .... And maybe nothing at all .
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