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That is very true owe money you gotta man up and pay up . To me even with these AL . But unfortunately or fortunately some clowns don't give a hoot anymore so they con the criminals and since taking from AL not illegal yet what's there for them to feel guilty ? And if these clowns con the AL Ls hey for me it's good break the Ah Long syndicate . The best is if only ALL of us STOP paying right now and report . I think anyone reading this quitely or still owe weather you paid up or clown around or being made to pay more etc pls stop paying NOW and ignore them and inform your families now and report and get on with our lives . Do it together ! Save face too late people respect people who own up at least they are our families and friends
I think some people pay too much until sot already....HAHAHAHA people do go crazy....but yes....if u felt like u already paid what u should stop paying.... If you are a clown, then be prepared....if u haven't loan don't loan....anything just discuss with ur family first....after all still ur family....
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