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They are mostly in Malaysia or Batam . Some are in Manila some operate from Bangkok or China . They can't call you from SG and maintain their conversation here they can be detected and these people are owned by white collar smart CRIMINALS . I once had a call from a guy name Robin WAAA fluent English ! So I put on my grammar and asked him about repayments he was so professional when talking in the end I asked him why a such young bright young boy like you work for them ? He gave a small haha and asked if I'm still interested . I said no and he better not work for AL ...he said okay bye take care and put down the phone . He is not the one hunting you he is like the rest debtors and collecting victims to get their own percentage . In reality the bosses already earned and these people don't even want to know you personally except to intimidate you and after your long gone they will continue with others . Don't be surprised after a two years you might hear the same voice telling you HELLO BLALER NEED SOME LOAN ON YOUR SIDE ? ANYTHING CALL ME GIVE GOOD RATES . Despite knowing you had bad debts with them see they don't care they just wanna start a new cycle and earn as much as possible . They don't lead a happy life and some are even the bosses who calls and can have two voices the nice man and the angry hokkien idiot LOL to me now they are a comical bunch , their lives just revolves on squeezing money especially from timid ones . Hence I hope people who reading this to stop paying and embrace your life again . Thick face goes a long way and don't repeat . If everyone stop paying and ignore all LS even SPF will have a better time and better things to investigate . As for now several of them heading to some KTV or maybe some having dinner with their families and theirs wives don't even know the hubby is a Stall Holder LOL !!!! All Cari makan lor ... The cycle continues and they don't care about you at a personal level they themselves are afraid of SG law if they operated here or see you face to face .

If you run away with 20 k from a triad in SG maybe you can be nervous but even they won't risk it these days and age unless you're their own kaki and playing punk .

I hope everyone will have a good night sleep and live their lives and chose to be happy and stop these AL LS nonsense . I'm gonna have my sweet and sour pork now while watching some old Hong Kong comedy
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