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3 weeks back, a guy called me to offer me a loan. borrow 1k take 1k, pay 1.2k ($400/month) and i agreed because i was very broke and lost my job. eventually i only received $400, pay $650 or $200 deferment and pay full must inform one day in advance between 12pm-12.10pm. okay next week due and i transfer $650 as mentioned, so far so good.

started calling me late last week and this week and ask me support him, ask me take loan. told him i don't need money and he start pestering me asking me to support him. he called me in the evening just now again ask me to loan, i picked up the phone only because it's a unknown number (private number) imo, heard his voice and i mute the call as in i act like no reception. the next thing i know i receive $790 in my bank account, 1st transaction is $600 via ibanking and 2nd transaction is $190 from cash deposit machine.

i know very obvious i have been scammed so i need help here. i read this thread, should block them change number close account report police...

which one should i do first? report police or close bank account first? i did call the npc hotline to enquire just now, doesn't sound very helpful to me and i heard a smirk from the police.

please help me bros and sis.
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