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You made a good point. I didn't really probe but the SE mentioned that cos the stock player is the main interface tied to the reverse cam, steering controls and some car electronics, the warranty will be affected for those items. It sounded like a long list of items to me.
I suggest you get them to give you a list.

Some things are understood. Steering controls will not work with aftermarket players unless you add an interface module between the controls and the player, and the player must be 1 that has the port for such interfaces. Reverse cam may or may not work with aftermarket player ... I canít comment about current-gen cars, but older models where you can buy the optional original Honda reverse cam, itíd only work with the original Honda Gathers player, my understanding is the connection was harness rather than the standard yellow video cable, so if you go the aftermarket player route you might have to go aftermarket on the reverse cam too ... unless the reverse cam on the car is also local-fitted aftermarket and not an original Honda part.
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