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Hi all...
I have some stuff to highlight..

1. When u report to police, pls give them all the acct nums which is made known to ur AL. I kena because i didnt ensure that it was stated on report, end up go la kopi n they say suspect assisting AL cause someone reported they trf me money (when i took the loan)

2. As long as u recd money or trf money or cash dep money to return, it is a crime committed. 6 mth to 2 yr jail. Borrowing is not a crime, but trf to u + u return to an unknown acct, it is a crime.

So dont even try to return n clear up unless they can meet u take cash lor. Arbo u pay liao also jialat, its a crime.

3. Ive been repaying last al cause left abit nia. IO tell me trf also crime, i think even i pay, also crime. What for sia. U pay them is to fund them to come ur hse painting.

Find the courage. Face it n it will be over. Good luck guys.
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