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You pay you kena , you also kena pay more and more never ending you'll be their money tree , you don't pay follow police instructions and informed your neighbour and family you kena scolding but it's a one day affair , man up and do it and next day you'll have your life back . Co operate with the police if the spray graffiti and don't repeat the same mistake . The ones that will go "After you" are fellow debtors some even work in Town dress so nice or Youth who owes and mostly it's bangla workers who are trapped in debts they themselves don't wish to be caught or else they will get the cane . Ask the loansharks sent a runner and give him the cash if you still wanna pay that's the only options . If you owe legal ones pls arranged to pay , you owe gahman pls pay and can't pay there's ways to pay small amount installments . You Owe direct Singapore loansharks that meet you and deal with you informed them be a man and explained ( very rare Singapore loansharks the real ones are very discreet and only loan to businesses etc and their own kaki lang or people they trust and know )

Take your life back and report to police and follow their instructions AND DONT REPEAT SAME MISTAKE . Now go make a report and start your life again and save up and if you gamble stop it it's not worth it .
yes, only small amount they dont want to clear , why are they doing this
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