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Legal ? WhatsApp them or call first they will explained to you or go to the office they have to abide by the law as you. Small amount I'm sure can settle bro
Tried talking to them alr . At first told them that I cant pay this month payment , asked if there's any other way they can help me on this . They say no and I have to at least pay 200 . Pocket left less then hundred but manage to find the remaining till 200 . Transferred them then 2 days later they ask me for the balance 150 . Told me I misunderstood them . Is 200 pay them first then use that 1 day to find 150 lol . They told me no choice tell me to try harder to find lol . So Ignore them till now only reply thier text as I block unknown call . Today send letter with "false info" requesting for demand ??

Not sure if false or its meant to be .
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