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The nicer ah long is a Singaporean. He say why support malaysian one. He ask me to take from him but must return before the Malaysian ah long due dates is he only give me 4 days time. Take 500 and return 800 in 4 days time which make me think he is more worse. Ignore him and block his number after that. That what happen 2 weeks ago. Now what I do is ignore all ah long.
There is no nicer one . Both are actually the same Singapore / Malaysian syndicate and they have investors . The real Singapore ones you have to meet them and must have referrals or their kaki lang and usually they will give big amounts for businesses etc and they will swee with you if you Swee return. The real Singapore ones are not stupid to play in SG via WhatsApp etc they might invest in Malaysia tho because if you're based here your chances are super high to be caught sooner or later .

The WhatsApp or calls and no meet ups are all the same Ah Long the white collars mix with streets and operate behinds the laptops online or phones . Their runners are all debtors SG youths and even foreign workers . And if you owed them and managed to pay and close and they don't bother ? Quickly closed bank account and phone number so they can't offer you anymore or prank you .

If you still owed them and genuinely can't pay up means you'll be indebted forever so quickly make a police report , close bank account change number DONT REPEAT MISTAKES and follow police instructions and co operate if you been harrased . They may or may not harrased you if your debt is below 2 k unless they know you're timid or can squeezed or father rich etc . But anything five thousand especially 5 k principal amount and above haven't cleared that's where they will really do it .

That's why there's many debtors who default with AL with less than 2 k don't see any issues in their flats but nervous for two months or or and even if it happens it's a scribble on the walls . But if you owe 4-5 k and even worse 10 k above you'll see they will invest in runners ( debtors themselves) and harrased you twice or more .

Some workers would even call you again despite your bar records in the past because as far as these workers on the phone is concern it's a job and it's not their money to begin with . They need to eat and greed has no boundaries .

If you owe them 2 k or less ? Your chance is 50 - 50 or even never . But don't sueh if your block or area happen to have a few debtors who ran off they might harrased you also since they can utilise their lanjio runners . They are not that stupid they also use mathematics to apply their strategy haha .

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