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Tried talking to them alr . At first told them that I cant pay this month payment , asked if there's any other way they can help me on this . They say no and I have to at least pay 200 . Pocket left less then hundred but manage to find the remaining till 200 . Transferred them then 2 days later they ask me for the balance 150 . Told me I misunderstood them . Is 200 pay them first then use that 1 day to find 150 lol . They told me no choice tell me to try harder to find lol . So Ignore them till now only reply thier text as I block unknown call . Today send letter with "false info" requesting for demand ??

Not sure if false or its meant to be .
Keep all your conversation with them and your receipt . If you're right and your counting all Swee tell them you'll make a report . Or better still go the office and demand to see their manager . She or he is the one sitting inside the office which you'll never see .

May I asked after you took Legal money lender did you received any Ah long WhatsApp ? Promoting their shop or loan companies ?
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