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Hi , i had loan an amount of $1500 from Ulm(which i really dont knowuntil i google abt the name that he posted on fb and i found out that there is no such place or company) , i only pay defer which is $330 as the repayment plan was $660x3 . After i pay the defer i straight mia and change my number . Today his runner came my house and spoke to my sister saying that i owe his boss money . Then the al text my new number as my sister got scared so she give my new number . Now the al tell me to pay him $2200 then he will not disturb me again , if i choose not to he will be sending his runner again n again the harrass my family . Police report has been made but hvent go to the town council to seek permission to install cctv yet . My whole family knows abiut it alao . Now the thing is shud i transfer him ? Need advice . Thank you
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