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Find one day you ask the runner to come up your house and collect the money from you. Instead of passing him the money, you call the police to caught him red handed. Seriously first time I hear ah long runner dare to show his face. Mostly they only dare to splash paint all that and will dare to show their face.
1. First and foremost - faster install cctv & turn on motion detector(will capture face or record video when motion activated) - while waiting for town council approval.
2. Then lay an "ambush" for the runner - Arrange him to come to your house "collect" money. (normally if you chio them come - they wont come)
But if he says ok - ask him come and u call police asap to catch this fxxxxr.
3. Update the police of the phone numbers of the AL or runner.
4. Close your bank account
5. Change your numbers - Sis, family, NOK whoever necessary.
6. inform your neighbours to be vigilant and alert the police of these fxxxxrs or any suspicious loitering around your premises. (by now u must man up and thick skin already -- dun bother to "save" face) - they have the right to know and probably can help nab these fxxxxxs.
7. Take a deep breath, relax and read thru this thread of all the experiences of those who also went thru this phase. From there you will know you are not alone and we can fight back by keeping our composure and stay chilled.
8. Last but not least - STOP FUNDING CRIMINALS. By paying them back will not solve or stop these harrassment but only embolden them to continue harassing u. And indirectly you are funding them to continue their dirty work. (I believe even police also ask you to stop paying them)
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