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Hi there,

I made a big mistake in my life.
It's my really fault.
I went online in locanto to search for Licensed Moneylenders.

Then i borrowed 3 "Licensed Moneylenders".

Currently found out earlier on that they are not licensed and they have my Singpass, NRIC, my friends details and my part time workplace.

I still haven't pay them anything,i am currently under the UML debt. I just read about the rules and regulations and found that i fall onto their trap.

It's a big mistake that i have done.

Can anybody advise me?
What should i do for this 3 UML?
I am currently waiting for the day to transfer them their money that they request to be transferred.

Plus, i read this ML and UML because i was cheated earlier on to a total big amount of money. $1460 was transferred to a persons account.
Called himself David and says that he worked under Quick Credit PTE LTD.
I check with the company and the lady says that they are UML that impersonates the company.

This case i have made a report.

I just need help for the 3 on current UML that i owe them right now..

Thank you to any kind souls for your help.
I admit, i was wrong.
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