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Actually the guy who came up my house was chinese mid 30s person . Which my sis say he talk in a very sweet manner to ask me to make the payment asap . He even says that if i nver make the payment they will do more worst things such as burn our door or splash paint which my dad also know their tactics. So i dont transfer him and just ignore ? I just dont want the guy to come again as i still hv kids at home ... hais ...
The one that came to your house is a fellow debtor pls understand that fact first .

If you transfer him that astronomically high money means you're "stupid" to them because these people are sharks and will squeeze you more since they see you as stupid and easy to be intimidated your sister will be implicated also and will be harrased . Just make a police report , don't repeat same mistake and good everyone knows and install CCTV if you like

Do not implicate yourself in returning the money via transfer . Let's not talk about passing the money to runner THEY WONT AGREE. This is not the old Singapore ah long style these are WhatsApp syndicate own and run by Singaporean and Malaysian investors and their kaki behind laptops in Malaysia southern state , Batam or Thailand . Keep the money please and tell your sister to changed number now . Don't entertain criminals anymore . That poor runner fellow debtors maybe naive father and if he's caught in CCTV he will be rotan and jailed and the one you wanted to return money is laughing and cheating many others and bullying other SG debtors many whom are trapped in genuine financial issues .

Let's save those debtors who became runners and ourselves by collectively Not pay and don't contact them block changed numbers and report to the police and don't repeat and advice others the same .

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