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Hi there,

I made a big mistake in my life.
It's my really fault.
I went online in locanto to search for Licensed Moneylenders.

Then i borrowed 3 "Licensed Moneylenders".

Currently found out earlier on that they are not licensed and they have my Singpass, NRIC, my friends details and my part time workplace.

I still haven't pay them anything,i am currently under the UML debt. I just read about the rules and regulations and found that i fall onto their trap.

It's a big mistake that i have done.

Can anybody advise me?
What should i do for this 3 UML?
I am currently waiting for the day to transfer them their money that they request to be transferred.

Plus, i read this ML and UML because i was cheated earlier on to a total big amount of money. $1460 was transferred to a persons account.
Called himself David and says that he worked under Quick Credit PTE LTD.
I check with the company and the lady says that they are UML that impersonates the company.

This case i have made a report.

I just need help for the 3 on current UML that i owe them right now..

Thank you to any kind souls for your help.
I admit, i was wrong.

Bro it already happened. Firstly please follow these advice here on this forum and what I'm gonna type below . You follow you'll be free

Make a Police report
Tell NOK , Families and work boss etc and neighbours if needed
Do not pay them a single cent ! You'll implicate yourself !
Change phone number now
CCTV is your choice
Now be free and enjoy life and DO NOT REPEAT THE SAME MISTAKE

It already happened so chin up man up and follow SPF instructions and don't sent money to criminals.
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