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So u mean even they catch the debt collector then they will still ask another one to come n harrass me ? Hais ... he ask me pay total $2200 just bcos he paid for the men to come my house . I apps him say why now u find me , u shud find me long time ago , now u no fish then u find me . Then he start w his vulgar , he say i give u what u want then just runaway ? Of cos u nid pay more . I say for what . U ownself ask him come down . 🙄
You are dealing with illegal money lenders . Pls make police report , inform everyone you know , install CCTV and stop paying them and change your number now . Follow SPF instructions don't entertain them . Any leads inform the police . The fact that the runners can come your place means you're still contactable and can squeeze you money . The runners by the way are DEBTORS who stupidly had to clear their debts and work the loan sharks . They kena caught jialat kena caning 6 strokes for men .

Loansharks will hit the ones that are contactable and entertain them because to them you are easy money and can maybe return some money or all but the moment you pay you'll be their money tree, shake you and money for them .
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