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Wah..then u better pray they small time ah long..for my case is different .I paid more than what they have loan out so to them they NVR lose much money...
Big time Ah long don't transfer you 1000 even lol Big time ah long are smarter and don't wish to be caught and loan big ones to business and kakis. They may however invest in this WhatsApp calls etc ah long and only interested in returns that's all . The ones who kena fire etc all big amount from debtors they know can squeeze and have small business etc and owe them at least several or ten grand and above . They are not so stupid to invest so much plus there's clown who has their own group in telegram that took from LS AL and don't pay , so I'm pretty sure future AL will be more stringent given the fact there's a small movement sabotaging them and don't give a flying fkcc. Owe money pay money no issue but these loan sharks criminals deserves it for hounding and hurting mother's elderly parents etc
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