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[QUOTE=lilangel21;116730247]I tried to borrow money 3k from a MoneyLender. In order to get the 3k, they lent me 500, asked me to pay back 700 in order to create an account with them. On the day of repayment, they asked me to pay 200 as deferment whereas Ive already have the 700 to tfr to them. Ytd they ask me to pay 700. I used internet banking.they said can't track. So I went to borrow from my friend and banked in the 700 to them. Bear in mind, by now I have paid 1600 to them in total.

When I asked for the 3k, they ask me for 1000 to make the account "stronger". Which I did after borrowing from my boss. Again I did a bank tfr to them. After i paid the 1000, they ask for another 1300 to fully close the account in order to disburse the 3000 (700+100+1300) + 3000(supposed loan).

By now I've paid them 200(defer, which I didn't ask for) 700(repayment by internet banking) 700(ATM tfr) +1000(ATM tfr). I decided not to give in the 1300 after I realised they are cheating me instead! Now they do not want to return back my own money.

I have contacted my bank to reverse the transactions but they will only reverse once they have the receiver's consent. I have made a police report as well.

Any help/advice is appreciated.[/QUOT

The police will tell you the same thing
Make Police Report that's the first and don't transfer any more money to them and ignore them block and better changed number immediately. Inform your family you were scammed and your neighbours and boss.

Do it now ! CCTV is an option but do not entertain them anymore and changed your number and report to police . You've been scammed the more you talk the more they won't let you go . If they TT money to you don't pay them back you'll be implicated ! You basically kena conned to offset their loss by defaulters or clowns . Because of this attitude of the Ah longs I don't blame clowns who took first loan and ran !
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