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I can understand his frustrations. Becos all the given answers are literally here. They need to calm their minds first and absorb all the helpful advices.

If they feel lost and stressed, perhaps they should consider the followings :

1. Stop paying the AL
2. Lodge police report
3. Deactivate all social media accounts to avoid the AL from threatening you with family photos
4. Install CCTV, don’t take any chances.
5. Stay alert as they will come anytime. Don’t let your guard down.
6. Come clean with your NOK and workplace cos you won’t be able to handle with any further stress or guilt for now. You need to be mentally strong.

Mostly, all the questions and dilemmas any new comers here, take time to read past few pages. There are all good advices. People who used to face or still facing the same problem.

Bro. Some came and go after problem solved. Hope others come back and give advice and support to other victims. Does not matter for whatever reason.
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